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Technical audit

Mondor Management providing services for technical audit (and security) for informatic systems, as hardware and / or software, purchased and implemented in projects financed from EU funds. Most projects aimed at the acquisition of hardware and / or software are required to be audited technically. For this purpose, our team of auditors auditing the projects in terms of compliance, the existence of hardware and / or software purchased and implemented compliance with the technical and calendar of activities.

The audit technical specialists of our company (auditors and technical experts) will check in particular:

  • compliance with the technical requirements specified in the application and the grant agreement;

  • the time schedule prescribed activities;

  • how to purchase hardware and / or software, and installation and configuration documentation;

  • the existence of the equipment at the specified financing documentation;

  • software testing documentation (if applicable);

  • the protection and access to software (if applicable);

  • operational status at the time of the audit hardware and / or software;

  • environmental compliance (if applicable).

At the end of the verification documentation mentioned above, the auditor will prepare a technical audit report of findings, focusing in particular on compliance with technical requirements, the existence and functionality of informatic equipment.

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