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Stages of Consultancy

The consultancy process consists of several standard stages, the variable being the time and complexity of the system.

Meeting parties, negotiating contract terms ,signing the consultancy contract.



Identifying the current situation in the organization, activities and a map outlining the process undertaken and the interaction between them.



Staff training on internal procedures according to which will work.



Analysis of internal documents (regulations, forms, etc.) and review their existing under the standard of reference.



Control, records control, internal audit, control non-compliant product, corrective action, preventive action, management analysis.


Where necessary: assessing suppliers, customer satisfaction, providing human resources, supply and others that are specific to the organization.


A "summary" of the organization's policy, objectives and specific processes and systems and operational procedures, work instructions, etc.


Putting into practice the documentation.


Identify the possible non-compliant and compliant with standard.


State performance goals, complaints, corrective and preventive actions to improve, etc.



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