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Environmental Management

Environmental Management System
(SR EN ISO 14001:2005) 

SR EN ISO 14001:2005 is an international recognition standard that refers to environmental management system (Environmental Management System) of the organization and determine environmental policy, environmental aspects and impact of services / products, planning environmental objectives, setting measurable targets, implementation of policies, feedback, corrective action, monitoring and assessment management system.

This standard contains mandatory requirements for compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations, compliance with legislation, pollution prevention and continuous improvement. It applies to any organization that seeks to minimize the harmful environmental effects caused by its business activities to achieve continuous improvement of performance in relation to the environment.

The standard can be applied to any type and size of organization, irrespective of business type, product / service, for small, medium or large companies, for public administration institutions or for medical clinics and others, whose activities have an environmental impact.

Benefits of environmental management system implementation and certification organization:

  • internationally recognized certification;

  • fulfilling the condition of being certified imposed by clients/suppliers;

  • increasing credibility in product quality and / or service;

  • demonstrating concern for the environment;

  • reducing accidents and errors that have impact on the environment;

  • reducing pollution;

  • opportunity to participate in tenders;

  • creating framework for continuous improvement;

  • increasing turnover;

  • optimizing productivity;

  • customer satisfaction in continuous growing;

  • documented and controlled activities;

  • reducing costs through resource efficiency;

  • consistency quality product / service and compliance with legal requirements;

  • a conceivable definition of responsibilities and authorities.

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